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Our Story

It was the 13th of February 2016 and I was at home when a family member came bursting through the door in tears, a close family friend's engagement party was cancelled when the venue pulled out last minute.

Not knowing the first thing about finding a venue, I went to Facebook and Google and tried to compile a list of all the suitable locations...It was a nightmare!

Venue after venue the same thing happened. It was impossible to try and get in touch with the event planner or event organiser and he was fed up of filling in online forms for them to not to answer.

Clearly, event organisers too busy or understaffed that they were struggling to cope with the administrative burdens that come with manually taking bookings. They were battling paperwork instead of speaking to guests and making it super simple to book.

I thought, "Things have to change, we’ve got to make event booking easier” so, we’re on a mission to create the number one event booking platform. No easy task - but a challenge we have accepted

Our online venue booking platform Just Venue, makes life easier for our guests and our hosts. Hosts can focus on the more important things, like attending to guests needs and making sure everyone has a really good booking experience. Our guests can find space quicker and easier than ever before as well as discover new venues that they did not even know about. They can then compare those venues before ultimately booking, all done in a few clicks and in infinetly less time!!

We hope you love our platform as much as we do, so please, at any time if myself or any of my team can help you, then don’t hesitate to contact and reach out to one of us directly.


Jamie Shankland
Founder & CEO

Our Team

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Jamie Shankland


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Robert Henderson

Head of Marketing

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Ailie Mcknight

Accounts Manager

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