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Finding Halls for Hire

If you're looking for a hall to hire for your next event, then you've definitely come to the right place. Hiring a hall can be a cheap and affordable way to put on your next big event without breaking the bank at the same time. Halls are typically hired for a number of different occasions. An example of some of the occasions would be Weight Watchers events, community fundraising style events, charity events, community meetings, networking and pop up events and kids parties.

In this blog post, we're going to try and help you find local halls for hire. Keep reading this article if you're looking to find local community halls, party hall for hire, halls near me, small halls for hire or party venues for hire.

There are a few places you can start looking for hall hire. We have included both offline and online places to start your search.

Use a platform like Just Venue

Ok, so we're biased. We're naturally going to recommend our free venue finding service and hall hire service as the starting point. You can head over to our main website Free Venue Hire and start by searching for the occasion and location of your hall. Of course, it is not going to be for everyone - there are some people out there who like the hassle of trying to find a venue or are old school when it comes to phoning around - we hear you and can't forget about you!


Local Community Centres

Local authorities and councils have an abundance of halls for hire within their portfolio, you could try your local council's websites as a starting ground. These can be sometimes difficult to book however as the councils are not always set up to take bookings online and would typically manage everything over the phone or by email. Point to note: Councils are typically open Monday to Friday during normal working office hours.

Google Search "Hall's for Hire"
The next place to start would be to try and find halls for hire on Google. Go to Google's homepage and type "Halls for hire near me" This should return a list of all the suitable halls for hire in your local area.


You could also try some of the following keywords that may help find other halls for hire in your local area.

1. community hall hire
2. party hall hire
3. community halls for hire near me
4. small halls for hire
5. function room hire

Your local church

The local church is another great place to start looking for hall hire. Churches usually have function halls or function suites for hire attached to the main church. The local priest is a good starting point and if you Google "Churches near me" you should be able to find a telephone number.

Churches sometimes offer free hall hire as they are looking to get people into their space. So its always worth asking if this is the case.

Look for a Weight watchers Events

It sounds really silly but Weight Watchers are normally held in halls. So, it is worthwhile looking out for their advertisements and looking at the address that the class is taking place. So you should start looking out for weight watchers events and other community-style events where they would be held in a hall.

The Yellow Pages or Yell.com
To this day, halls will still advertise on the likes of Yell or Yellow Pages. So you could head on over to their website and run a quick search for halls for hire

Ask friends on Facebook

Usually, your friends on Facebook will be able to help you try and find a suitable venue. By popping a post in a Facebook group or as a status is always a good idea.


Ask members of your family or friends

Family members or friends might also be a good bunch of people to ask. They will probably know good local hall venues that could be hired out. Maybe one of them has hired a hall for a party in the past and could suggest a suitable space.

If you get stuck

We hope the above has helped you with finding and booking your next event space. We also have another blog post called Venues near me that might be able to give you some links to some locations on our platform.

You can visit that blog post by clicking Venue Hire Near me

If however, you are still struggling to find your next space, please do remember that we are here to help and we have a team of venue finding professionals that are able to go out to the market and help find your next event space. As mentioned above this is a completely free service and you're free to enquire without any charge. You are also not obligated to use us as a service after we have presented some venues to you.

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Jamie Shankland

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