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How to take the perfect picture of your space and venue

Learn how to present your own space in the best possible way, with amazing photos to promote it.

Showing off your space is very important. In fact, it is the first step towards securing some bookings and make it look more appealing!
A great photo can showcase the best qualities of your amazing space. Conversely, a poor image might actually make your space look really bad! Keep reading to learn more about some useful tips and know-how that will assist you in the process of taking the perfect picture of your space.

Don’t use your phone’s camera! If you can help it.

Phone cameras can produce outstanding results today. However, you might consider using a DSLR camera for better, more professional results. You can rent a camera, buy an entry-level model for a few hundred pounds, or why not, hire a freelance photographer to help you out! The latter is a great solution because it doesn’t just cover a fancy camera, but also the right set of skills and tools that you’re going to need, since a photographer will have more experience.

Make sure your pictures are hi-res and taken in landscape mode.

Be mindful of the right lighting

One of the key factor when photographing a space is actually lighting. Bad lighting can make your space look uninviting, small and unappealing. By contrast, nice lighting can make your space appear cleaner, bigger and more open.

Its also worth noting that the time of day you take the photo at could have an impact on how the shot looks. Make sure the sun is always behind you, keep any lights on in the space and make it look really inviting.

Avoid clutter

Before taking photos, consider fixing up your space! If there is any clutter, or a temporary set up from a previous event, consider removing it, and showcase your space in a neutral and inviting way. There is nothing worse than showing people an unkempt, messy space. It will not only make your space look bad, but it also will undermine your professional credibility as a host/event space manager.

Upload at least 3 photographs

It's essential that you upload at least 3 photographs. We've found that spaces who upload at least 3 pictures will see an increasement in bookings.

What resolution should my photos be at?

Higher quality images are better, We recommend using photos at a minimum of 1024 x 683 pixels.

Set the scene
Following on from the 3 pictures - we would always recommend that you show your space empty, with an event and then normally it would look. This would give your guests a sense of the size of space, how it's going to look when they run their event and how they expect to find the space before they turn up to decorate or set up for their event.

Get the right angles

Don't stand on tables, dont get down on the floor and point the camera upwards (believe me it happens). Stand back, think of the shot, try and get as much of the room in focus. This might mean that you need to step outside the room to try and fit as much of the room in. Just don't include a shot of the door frame.

Another tip we have learnt over the years is rather than taking the shot at eye level, take it from waist height - pointing it straight ahead rather than down. We've noticed that hosts who take shots at this level are less likely to make the room look different by pointing down the camera.

Show what your space can offer.

Don’t forget to take pictures that provide a sense of what customers can expect from your space. What are your facilities? What amenities do you provide? Is there something about your space that makes you stand out? Your photos should represent what’s really unique about your space, and really give customers an overview of your “selling point.”

In other words, Find out what’s really unique about your space, and capture it with your best shots. Each space has something to offer. What’s your unique selling point all about? This is a very basic marketing concept, but it also applies to branding, which in turns, means that it relates to the way you approach photography when you need to promote your space.

See what your competitors are doing.

You do not need to copy your competitors, but it would definitely help a lot if you get a better idea of what’s going on out there. Make sure that you stay competitive with the standards of the local market, in order to stay inviting and appealing. In other words, if your competitors present their spaces with more inviting photos and promotional materials, you’ll have a hard time getting noticed! On the other hand, great pictures will help you reach out to the right audience!

Touching up photo's

Now this might seem like a bone of contention, but touching up of photos is ok. We're not saying you should heavily edit your space and make it look misleading to guests looking to book your space. We're saying sort the lighting. Make the image look like the space normally look's and don't over do it. The image editing techniques are to enhance the space not change its over all appearence. Remember that.

Once you're ready you then can upload them to Just Venue and sit back and wait on the bookings to come in.

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How to take the perfect picture of your space and venue
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