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Planning A Baby Shower: Here’s All You Need To Know! 2019 Edition.

Having a baby is one of the most important and life-changing things you will ever experience. It is a moment of joy and celebration, and it is only natural that you want to embed it forever in your memory with a fantastic baby shower!

Keep reading to learn more about how to organise the perfect baby shower event and plan an unforgettable happening for your family and friends alike!

Find the right venue

It is really important to find the right venue for your baby shower. Some mums like to keep it low-key, having a relatively cozy baby shower event at their home, with a few close friends and relatives. On the other hand, other families love to celebrate in style, hiring out an event space or a venue. This is a great way if you are planning on accommodating more guests. It could also be a good idea to hire a venue even if you are thinking of something more low-key. New parents might not want the hassle of having people over at home, or having to deal with the messy aftermath of a party! Then again, you might simply want something special for the occasion, and a change of scenery.

We are on hand to help and have a page dedicated to baby showers you can visit by going to our Baby Shower Venue Hire page for more information.

Food and catering

Food is just as important as the venue space. Whether you’re stocking up on snacks, cooking up a storm, or hiring a catering service for the job, make sure your guests are well-fed! Don’t forget to account for dietary restrictions. Ask your friends to let you know if they follow any specific diets (such as vegans) or if they have any food allergies that might pose a issue when it comes to food selection. You want to make sure your guests go away full and happy.

Food can become the true spotlight stealer of the event, so make sure your buffet looks pretty, and inviting!


Make sure you invite your guests ahead of time

Inviting your guests reasonably ahead of time will give you more freedom when it comes to organising the baby shower, and it will also help everyone make the proper travel arrangements or get time off work to attend if needed. It can also be wise to try to come up with a date that would suit most of your friends and guests, so you can be absolutely sure that everyone can attend without hiccups.


Create a child-friendly environment.

Some of your friends might bring their childrens along for the ride: it’s important to create an environment that’s becoming to the little ones…after all, it’s a baby shower, right?

Get creative with the right decoration

Forget Christmas: a baby shower is the time to get real with decoration! This is a time of joy, colour, and celebration, so let your guests know about it with some amazing decor. If you are serving food, decorate your buffet with beautiful party plates, cups or napkin. Embellish the room with confetti, and why not, if there are children around, let them get creative by drawing artworks, which you could hang all over the place for the party. The possibilities are truly endless. Some people also like to have specific themes for their baby showers. If this is your case, use the aesthetics of your theme to decorate your baby shower event. For example, imagine you decided for a “space age” theme. You could use glittery stars and fuzzy astronaut toys to add some fun to your decor, and stay in tune with the theme!


Entertain your guests with some awesome games

Although baby showers never last longer than a few hours (in most cases), why not pass the time with a fun set of games?

There are many fun games you could play. Some people make games up, others will go with special baby shower games, such as baby food taste tasting! This involves removing the label on each flavour of baby food, and have your guests try to guess the actual flavour! Whoever guesses most flavours will win the game…and yes, it is a bit harder than you might actually think it is!

Don't say Baby! - When your guests walk through the door greet them with an icebreaker to get them started. The aim of this game is not to mention the word baby until the buffet is open. Give your guests 5 stickers and if you hear someone say the word baby then you can steal a sticker. The person left
with the most stars at the end of the game is the winner.

**Guess the baby name **- On your invitation's, ask your guests to bring a photo of them as a child. Pin the photographs on the wall of them and assign a number and a name next to each. Hand out sheets of paper with the number down one side. Each guest will then take it in turns to try and guess the which baby is which guest. Give a pize to the winner who is able to guess which baby photo is which person.

Another crowd-favorite? Nappy change speed-race! We think this one doesn’t need an explanation!


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Planning A Baby Shower: Here’s All You Need To Know! 2019 Edition.
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