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Planning the Perfect Hen Party

You've seen the Bridesmaids the movie, or the Hangover and you're wondering how you keep your hen party in order. We do not suggest Vegas unless you want it to go wrong! (As per the movies)

Keep reading and we will help you with planning the perfect hen party without breaking the bank. This blog is definitely for you.

What is a hen party?

While a hen party is known as the 'last celebration' for a bride to be, the do itself tends to take place a few months before the big day. With trips abroad, multiple celebrations and extravagant parties being the norm it is no secret that a lot of planning and effort is required.

It is said a hen party is a classy version of a stag do however they can involve anything from cocktail making classes to spa breaks, to wild weekend in Ibiza. Regardless of the tradition, the main focus on a hen party is to celebrate the bride-to-be with her friends, family and the occasional stripper.

How do you plan a hen party

Planning a hen do can seem quite daunting particularly if the guest list is large and there are numerous night outs to be organised. Regardless of the scale or the party type we have created a step-by-step guide to help you out.

  1. First things first speak to the bride far in advance. Find out what type of party she wants - wild, classy, unusual. Does she want to go abroad, have a weekend away or simply have something small and low key? While you will want to keep the do a surprise, this will ensure its something she loves as no one likes a bridezilla. (Yes bride that's you!)

  2. Work with the bride on creating an invite list. The last thing you want to do is forget someone important or invite someone you should not have! Create a facebook page or WhatsApp group around 2-3 months in advance. It is important to create a separate group for the hens so you can organise the finer details and delegate tasks. We would also recommend that you keep the bride out the conversation, as sometimes they like to get involved even when there is no real need once you have gathered their requests. It also helps the bride to keep stress free and not worry about what her friends are planning.

  3. Work out details - arrange dates, budgets, activities and get rough numbers of who can and can't make it. Let's face it, not everyone is going to be available, so select a few dates, stick to the dates and pick one. It's unfortunate that someone is not going to be at the hen do as they can't get a babysitter, they are already on holiday, their boyfriend is out with the lads. Whatever it may be, just expect a few casualties along the way. As long as the brides mum, close family and really close friends are there. Then the hen party will be good. The budget is also another topic that no one ever wants to talk about, but you really need to talk about. Budgets are also a good thing to talk about - There is no point in you planning Ibiza when the budget only stretches to the local area.

  4. Decide on a location and start enquiring suitable venues. This can be stressful and time-consuming. You may need to gather deposits from the guests to secure a booking. At Just Venue we can help with finding the perfect venue for your hen or stag do. You're more than welcome to visit our homepage and select the occasion and location of choice.

  5. Once you've booked the venue, holiday or weekend away it's time to start looking at activities. From spa days, afternoon teas, cocktails, catering, clubs, dinner, strippers, butlers, etc - It is important to fill the party with lots of fun and exciting things to do.

  6. Organise the finer details. Pinterest is a great place for getting inspiration on all your decorations, props and party games. These can be ordered closer to the time. You can build boards on Pinterest and then share them with the facebook group.

  7. Lastly, send an itinerary to all the guests so they know what outfits, etc. to bring a few weeks before the event.

So, whether you're booking a large scale party, the weekend away or something small and private, hopefully, we've helped you organise the ultimate hen party and answered all your questions.


You never know if the hen do goes well and so does the wedding, you might need to plan a baby shower in the near future.

Jamie Shankland

Jamie Shankland

Jamie is the Managing Director and Founder of Just Venue. His email is always on and he struggles to switch off in the evening. His favourite colour is Red.

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Planning the Perfect Hen Party
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