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Why would you list on a platform like Just Venue?

Read on to discover how you can unlock the full potential of your space.

If you own a space that would be perfect for event hosting, but you feel like the venue has not reached its full occupancy, you should consider listing your property on a platform like Just Venue . This is a really great way to reach out to a much broader audience, as well as appealing to a broad community of event organisers and people seeking for a private space. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits!

Empty Venue - Available to Hire

Better marketing opportunities

By simply listing your space on Just Venue, you will be able to enjoy much better marketing opportunities, not only by advertising your venue to a much larger audience but also by showcasing its possibilities and different applications.

Just Venue takes all the hard work out of keyword planning and SEO strategies, utilising its team of in-house SEO specialists that make sure your venue and spaces get in front of the right audience.

Fun Fact:  It will cost you on average around £30 per lead from Google and around £60 per lead from Facebook.  This is not a confirmed booking, it's only a confirmed lead.  This could become quite costly to advertise your space and generate new potential customers.  We do all this on your behalf!

Your Marketing Strategy for Venue Booking

Promote your space to a local audience.

Just Venue is a great way to let local people know about your space. It will show up in their searches, and you will be able to seamlessly showcase your features, amenities, and perks.

We also advertise your space on our specific location landing pages.  Generating more bookings on your behalf.

Locals are looking for venue space in your area now.

Deal with people directly.

Just Venue allows hosts to deal with people who are interested in hiring out a space in a very direct way. This means that you can truly take the time to communicate with a potential customer, work out the requirements of the arrangement and more importantly, make sure that you are a truly good fit. Communication is easy and streamlined, leading to a smooth outcome.

You're fully in control.

You're in control, message your guests directly.


Hiring out a space through a platform like Just Venue is very safe.  We match our guests to a credit or debit card before the booking is taken. The transparency and upfront nature of the transaction will indeed help you prevent many issues, and make sure that everything will work out just as it should!

Rent your space out to trusted people.


With Just Venue, you decide when and how your space can be used. This means you’ll have more control over your bookings!

Some of our hosts who were purely only event based spaces before they joined Just Venue,  opened their space up for new types of occasions.  If your space is empty on a Monday night,  it could be used for Yoga.  On a Tuesday you might have a dance class in.  Wednesday could be a Networking Event, Thursday a Hackathon, Friday a Baby Shower, Saturday a Party and Sunday a Weight Watchers event.  The possibilities are truly endless.  

Stop hunting for leads and start generating revenue with Just Venue.

Yoga Events in the Evening

If you would like to know more then don't hesitate to reach out to a member of our team and contact us directly or start a live chat with our team by clicking the button in the bottom right hand of the screen.

Jamie Shankland

Jamie Shankland

Jamie is the Managing Director and Founder of Just Venue. His email is always on and he struggles to switch off in the evening. His favourite colour is Red.

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Why would you list on a platform like Just Venue?
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