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Just Venue

Meet our Featured Host

Susan Malavet-Coulson - Owner of Cordially Cakes, Dundee

Q1. Was Just Venue helpful at getting you onboard as a host?

Yes they were extremely helpful which made it very easy, which is great for someone who isn’t as computer literate as I should be and therefore was easy to get at the actual function and we just went on from there.

Q2. How easy was it to sign up and become a host?

It was very easy, especially with the help of Just Venue. I got a lot of support.

Q3. Did your first booking go well?

Yes! I mean, it went well with regards to Just Venue, being the first booking at the cafe. It was a lot of fun and we worked on a lot of different areas but we had no problem with the venue itself or receiving payment and we actually had a lot customers coming back which was great.

Q4. How have you found the level of customer service and support at Just Venue?

Oh amazing! They are always on top of everything that needs to be done, helps keep me informed so i don’t fall behind. Which makes it easier since running a cafe is full time and doing events as well is extra but it’s easier with Just Venue.

Q5. Would you recommend Just Venue to other business owners?

Yes, absolutely. It is a great way to become part the community. It is a great way to add extra income but more than that, it is a new way of meeting new customers.

Q6. What would you take away from your experience

it is a lot of fun having functions here at the cafe. It really comes alive and when you see the better potential of the cafe than just it being a cafe.

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